Wakenagun Youth Healing Lodge

Accepting applications from 12-17 year old youth in NAN territory. All applications will be reviewed and prioritized based on the information they've provided

The Wakenagun Youth Healing Lodge located in Timmins, ON is designed to bridge wellness through culture specifically spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being. By connecting with traditional culture, the intent is to bring to light meaning, purpose, hope, and belonging.

Knowledge of Indigenous people’s culture and challenges that have been faced due to colonization;

An opportunity to connect and expand their cultural knowledge and practice;

Support in developing coping skills, resiliency, self-esteem, and pride in their identity;

Motivation to avoid patterns of substance use in a harm reduction or abstinence model dependent upon the individual; Promotion of spiritual recognition and awareness of

Grief and Loss counselling;

Anger Management and assertiveness training;

Building a foundation for healing which includes the family and community

Provide an opportunity to learn cultural skills through land-based programming

The program will provide mental health and/or substance use healing utilizing a trauma-informed approach to Indigenous youth aged 12-17, regardless of gender identity.

The Healing Lodge has capacity for 6 youth. Each youth will have access to their own private bedroom.

The 12-week residential program integrates relationship building, group therapy, healthy eating, traditional medicines, ceremony, and language while respecting the values and beliefs of the First Nation communities we service.

The program is residential in nature and incorporates land-based healing methods that will support the needs of the youth throughout the duration of the program.

A holistic approach is taken to address spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing in a means to treat mental health challenges and addictions; along with community connection to ensure continuity of care, collaboration and wrap around support services are met post-discharge.

It will support connection with traditional Indigenous culture through prayer and ceremony, family and community participation, storytelling, and being part of the land.